Odd Collections

Well, I wouldn't exactly call all these things collections. Maybe they're just things I have a lot of? And I know my parents would say -- why do you need that? Why do you have so many? You get the idea.

Headphone collection, continued. Sennheiser HD-280s. Great closed headphones for a reasonable price. Provides good isolation -- great for those long, calm (depending on your taste), listening sessions. Though my current favorite is actually the HD25 (not pictured) that have a higher price-point (about twice as expensive.) I also recently got a pair of custom IEMs made (Ultimate Ears UE4).
Safety products -- hearing protection. Peltor H10A Earmuff. Highest protection available for an earmuff (30dB noise reduction rating.) Why do I need this? I'm not around loud sounds very much. Just part of the odd collection. But it is nice not to hear everything sometimes.
Safety products -- hearing protection, continued. E-A-Rsoft foam earplugs. Easy way to carry around hearing protection with good noise reduction (33dB)...I bought a box of 200 pairs...
Safety products -- respiratory protection. MSA Advantage 3000 full face respirator. Others would call it a gas mask, but it really isn't. This is probably something I don't really need but I think looks cool. Thank goodness I bought it on eBay for less than 25% of the retail ($200 or so.) Some day I'll have to put a picture of myself with it on up on the web to see how stupid I look. So I sometimes work in dusty or chemical laden environments, and the thing does work, even if it is overkill for those situations.
Digital music & mobile telephony. Apple iPhone 3G 16GB. Okay, this probably isn't a collection per se, just something I enjoy. With millions of other people worldwide.

Of course, this doesn't cover everything. Other collections inlclude garden hoses and nozzles, telephone headsets, other computer accessories, other safety equipment (eye protection, hand protection [i.e. gloves], head/face protection, helmets), and more. I have had most of these "collections" ever since I was little.